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About Me

This is Karina Chavez (aka Kina) and she is the proprietress of Kina's Kitchen Group.  Kina's Kitchen Group has 3 arms, Picazo Cafe (Cafe on Arnold Drive & Picazo is my mother in laws family name), Kina's Kitchen & Bar (Restaurant on Highway 12), and the Picazo Food Truck (Catering).  

We have something for everyone, every taste and every need.  We can curate whatever you hope to achieve in the culinary world.

The recipes we created at our establishments are family traditions with a modern twist, adding organic, locally sourced  ingredients.  We have something for everyone, from an award winning burger, to Mole burrito, to Beef Noodle Pho and Nashville fried chicken.  

Kina lives in Sonoma, California with her husband Salvador and her 2 sons, Sal and Mac, and their dog Bronco!

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